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What is Flexible Moulding?
Flexible Mouldings are a polyurethane composite material that are used when a radiused, or curved moulding application is needed on the jobsite. 

Why use it?

Flexible Mouldings are more expensive than straight wood pieces but are a fraction of the cost of having a curved piece of real wood manufactured at a millwork shop.  Using Flexible Mouldings will save you time and money. 

Also, Flexible mouldings are just that, flexible, so they are a lot more forgiving than real curved wood - you don't have to be exact when taking the measurement (the nearest 1/2" inch is good enough).

Additional benefits:
-No special tools needed for installation:  it can be cut, sanded, shaped, machined and finished like real wood.
-primer coats are not necessary and most common paints are compatible
-can be stained with an oil or gel based stain
-can withstand all elements and will not warp, rot or crack

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